Re-Si-Pi seminars (Research-Science & Pizza) aim to provide a platform for M2 students, PhDs, Post-Docs willing to present their work in an informal manner, to learn about the projects being carried out in “Institut Curie” and to encourage the interaction between the different labs.

It takes place monthly, with one or two presentations per session for which pizza is provided for lunch. Regularly, external speakers are invited on various topics.

This project is supported by the ADIC (Association des Doctorants et Jeunes Docteurs de l’Institut Curie) and carried out by 3 PhD Students : Elena SENA FERNANDEZ, Saber BEN MIMLOUN, Michael HAMM.

My last ReSiPi team meeting

Today I attended the last ReSiPi team meeting, during which, each member reviewed his activity during this past year. The official new ReSiPi team has also been established. All has started 4 years ago, when two of my colleagues and I created ReSiPi in order to provide a platform for Master, PhD students and postDocs at…

Re-Si-Pi Special session with Dr. Kunxin Luo

For the last Re-Si-Pi before summer holidays, we had the pleasure to invite Dr. Kunxin Luo, a Mayent-Rothschild visiting scientist in Dr. Alain Mauviel’s lab at Institut Curie (Orsay). Dr. Kunxin Luo is a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley and a research director in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The aim of this session was to present a typical research…