Fight against CoVid19 : 2 Training Sessions for 2 French hopitals on running CoVid19 Elisa kits with Victor Nivo Plate Reader

As a field application specialist, I had recently the pleasure to participate in the fight against CoVid19 by giving 2 training sessions, at two French Hospitals, on how to run EUROIMMUN Elisa kits using the Victor Nivo Multimode Plate reader.

Running EUROIMMUN Elisa kit using the Victor Nivo

EuroImmun, a PerkinElmer compagny, has designed an CE-IVD Anti-SARS-CoV-2 ELISA serology test for detecting both IgA and IgG antibodies in clinical laboratories.

Training session at ” Hôpital Philippe le Bon ” at Beaune

The American Hospital of Paris and “Hôpital Philippe le Bon” at Beaune are two of the first hospitals in France to run ELISA CoVid19 serology tests. Other Hospitals and Clinical laboratories have since expressend their interest in using the small footprint and user friendly Victor Nivo to run the high specificity and high sensitivity EUROIMMUN CoVid19 ELISA kits.

Training session at The American Hospital of Paris
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