New job : Field Application Specialist at PerkinElmer

In May 2019, I’ve started as a Field application Specialist (FAS) at PerkinElmer. Here is my testomonial when interviewed by PerkinElmer Talent Acquisition specialist.

  •         When did you join? Did you know the company before you joined ? What led you to us in the first place?

I’ve joined PerkinElmer a little bit over a year ago. Before joining, my interaction with PerkinElmer was first through various lab related events. Then as an organizer of scientific seminars for PhD students association at “Curie Institute”, where I was doing my PhD, I has contacted and invited the PerkinElmer Recruiter for a workshop. This event increased my interest in PerkinElmer.

As a Scientist, my interest was first piqued by PerkinElmer’s numerous scientific innovations and then grew when I discovered it’s organizational culture that encourages collaboration and professional development.

  • What can you remember about the first days?

The first days were very exciting and a bit overwhelming. I had everything to learn in terms of the structure and the internal site procedures and global policies. Thankfully, I found lots of help and guidance from my new colleagues which made the learning process easier and more enjoyable.

  • What is your favorite thing about your job? The company?

What I like most about working at PerkinElmer is how dynamic and fast paced the company is.

As I move from one project to a new one, what I love the most is the diversity of, not only the tasks involved in accomplishing them, but also of the scientific contexts. Thus, it’s very stimulating and it’s a real pleasure to have a job with no tedious routine at all, a job that brings new challenges every day.

Also, I appreciate the amount of autonomy I have in managing and organizing my time.

  • Has there been anything that has come as a surprise?

When I joined, I was told that PerkinElmer is a dynamic company, but I still was surprised by the changes that happened since I’ve joined, and even more surprised by how well everyone seems to have developed the ability to adapt well and quickly. It is good to be a part of a company that evolves and make the necessary changes to face the challenges of a fast-moving economy.

  • What would you still like to accomplish at PKI?

I would like to perfect my skills for my current role and continue to learn and grow. I would also like to make a difference in the development of existing or future projects.

  • What would you say to candidates wondering about joining PKI?

I can reassure those who hesitate about joining PerkinElmer, that if you’re looking for an interesting and fulfilling job among skilled and kind coworkers, then come and join, PerkinElmer is the right place for you.

  • What advice would you give to candidates looking to apply to a similar role or to the PerkinElmer Life Science team ?

Don’t be afraid of change and new challenges !